Laravel hasManyThrough

There is the useful hasManyThrough in Eloquent in which you can you 3 Tables and define which keys to use to join them.

Laravels example and documentation can be found here .
There is a little detail problem with it, it is all called id and the example wasn’t helping me much.

I have the following tables to handle job applications to jobs
– id
– title
– description

– id
– firstname
– lastname

– id
– user_id
– job_id
– application_date

In the jobsmodel I want to get a list of all applicants.
Here is the first version of this

public function applicants(): HasManyThrough
    return $this->hasManyThrough(

While testing I received some strange applicants which never applied for the job.

After debugging I found that the last 'id' uses to load the users with Bug found.
It should really be application.user_id to load the correct users. So a small change to this:

public function applicants(): HasManyThrough
    return $this->hasManyThrough(
        'job_id', // (application.job_id)
        'id', // Foreign key on User table (
        'id', // Local key on job table (
        'user_id' // Local key on Application table (application.user_id)

So changing the last id to user_id fixed that bug.

Dear Linked-In Recruiter

I receive job-offerings on a regular basis. That is really nice you’ve contacted me, but you need to stand out with your texts. And also: I’m not interested.

Most of the time it feels like spam receiving these template letters from people not knowing the industry or not knowing what a programming language is.

Even if the offer might be interesting in the end, I am not interested for some of the following reasons:

  • Wrong or lazy written templates
    • You’re using a template in which the salutation isn’t spelled out (German: Sg. instead of Sehr geehrter Herr …)
    • Any kind of typing errors
    • Leaving your placeholders in your template
    • MfG instead of “Mit freundlichem Gruss”
    • A really long text with no real value or information
  • Tell me more about your “intersting” projects, company culture, top equipment and so on
    • You want to convince me to switch companies with your interesting project might takes more information about the project. I might be heavily into CMS/PIM/DAM systems or backends and you are offering me a position in a company that only does e-commerce frontend work. I don’t want to invest time in such inapt jobs
    • What does the project might have that I’m interested in? Tell me about that in advance.
    • Anything related to company culture should be more than just mentioning it. Does the company have non-work related activities, regular feedbacks, code reviews and their like
    • Equipment is nice to have but I need to feel comfortable with it. You don’t know what type of equipment I like, but on the other hand you keep telling me it is top equipment…
  • Company pays for a moving costs
    • If I already told you that I’m not interested in moving it doesn’t make it more attractive in telling me the company will pay for a move
  • Offering me jobs with wrong programming languages
    • Tells me: you don’t understand your job and you don’t know what I am offering or your client is looking for and therefore wasting my and your clients time
  • Contacting me shortly after job change
    • I’ve changed my job, why should I be interested in joining your clients company? Ever thought about that the change might happened for a reason and I’ve already decided to work for a company

I think this is sort of annoying to get contacted with this kind of letters. I, as an employee trying to get to an interview, need to write a promotion letter, send a whole lot of information about my live, projects, reports and so on.

But you, as a recruiter contacting me, are allowed to just say “hi”? Sorry but I don’t like how this works. Either both of us are allowed to just say “hi” or we both stick to full reports, projects list etc.

Setup Pimcore (my catches)

Create Docker Setup

Explicitly set encoding to utf8mb4 with

    command: ['mysqld', '--character-set-server=utf8mb4', '--collation-server=utf8mb4_unicode_ci']

Create the Project with Composer

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer create-project pimcore/skeleton my-project

After Docker Setup I was only able to get the installer to work with a file located /app/config/installer.yml

user: "%env(DB_USER)%"
password: "%env(DB_PASSWORD)%"
dbname: "%env(DB_NAME)%"
host: "%env(DB_HOST)%"
port: "%env(DB_PORT)%"

Install Pimcore

SSH into php and execute