Enable Twig Components in Pimcore

I installed Symfony’s Twig Components in Pimcore to test if and how to do that.

A small warning ahead: This feature is still experimental, as their documentation titles.

To install the components in Pimcore simply install the components bundle via composer

composer require symfony/ux-twig-component

Now you need to tell Pimcore about this bundle in config/bundles.php

// config/bundles.php
return [
Symfony\UX\TwigComponent\TwigComponentBundle::class => ['all' => true],

It is installed and ready to be setup.
Depending on the specific setup these steps might vary, adjust accordingly

  1. Register the components in the services.yaml and make them public
  2. Create the components-class
  3. Create the components-template
  4. Use the template in your code e.g. the default-template
// services.yaml
    resource: '../../Components'
    public: true
// src/Components/AlertComponent.php
namespace App\Components;

use Symfony\UX\TwigComponent\Attribute\AsTwigComponent;

class AlertComponent
    public string $type = 'success';
    public string $message;
{# templates/components/alert.html.twig #}
<div class="alert alert-{{ type }}">
    {{ message }}
{{ component('alert', { message: 'Hello Twig Components!' }) }}